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We put the needs of the community first by investing in and developing commercial real estate projects that add long-term value and vitality to the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Grounded by our deep Colorado roots and inspired by the forward-thinking of a new generation, we focus on projects that serve as economic drivers and growth engines for Colorado’s urban and rural communities. Our approach to investment and development is simple: what’s good for the community is good for us. We believe in cultivating strong public and private partnerships with the ultimate goal of creating legacy properties that deliver lasting returns and catalyze long-term economic growth throughout Colorado.  

Our advisory division, Monfort Investment Corp (MIC), combines our team’s unparalleled expertise, from real estate to fundraising strategies to project management, with our “Code of the West” values of integrity and excellence. With a focus on real estate, private equity, entertainment and development advisory, our team provides consulting services for capital strategy from a project’s financial proforma to securing and structuring financing, asset management and leasing and brokerage services.