Monfort Companies

Invested In Economic Vitality For Colorado Communities

Guiding Principle

At Monfort, we are governed by a “Code of the West”

Integrity, hardwork, self-reliance and respect–in everything we do. We opportunistically invest in ventures that create long-term economic value and vitality in communities across Colorado and the U.S., enriching the lives of our stakeholders and team members. 

Our Tack

A new playbook for investment and development in the Rocky Mountain Region 

We put the needs of the community first by investing in companies and projects that add long-term value and vitality to the Rocky Mountain and beyond. Grounded by our deep Colorado roots and inspired by the forward-thinking of a new generation, we focus on opportunities that serve as economic drivers and growth engines for both urban and rural communities.

Our approach to investment and development is simple: what’s good for the community is good for us.

We believe in cultivating strong public and private partnerships with the ultimate goal of creating legacy properties that deliver lasting returns and catalyze long-term economic growth throughout Colorado.

Our Divisions

Private Equity

Monfort Companies is committed to improving the long-term economic strength of Colorado. Beyond commercial real estate, we invest in innovative start-ups and growing Colorado businesses across a variety of industries, from technology to energy.  
Working closely with aligned strategic partners, Monfort Companies deploys private capital into ventures that add value to communities while yielding high returns for stakeholders.  

Real Estate

From underserved rural communities to our biggest cities, Monfort Companies believes in thoughtful development and place-making, investing in properties that serve as economic drivers.We continue to invest throughout the country and state, prioritizing properties that spur growth by creating jobs and sales tax revenue in our communities.

Ranch & Agriculture

Building on a multi-generational legacy of ranching innovation, Monfort Companies actively pursues opportunities that strengthen the agriculture sector of the Rocky Mountain region. With holdings in Northern Colorado, we support dozens of ranchers and farmers who are pioneering new ideas to ensure the long-term vitality of local rural economies.


The Entertainment division of Monfort Companies boasts a dynamic portfolio in food & beverage, nightlife, placemaking, and music venues. Leveraging our asset management expertise, we ensure these ventures not only entertain but also embody the timeless values of honesty, courage, and respect. By seamlessly bridging tradition and innovation, we create vibrant, experiential spaces that reflect our commitment to ethical investment, delivering both cultural enrichment and exceptional returns.


From oil and gas to renewable energies such as solar and wind, Monfort Companies seeks opportunities to partner with trusted local operators who align with our community-driven values.


Pioneering a new way to connect small-town communities to blockbuster destinations, Monfort Companies invests in various travel solutions businesses and airplane operating companies.


At Monfort Investment Corp (MIC), our Advisory Services combine our team’s expertise in real estate, fundraising strategies, and project management with our “Code of the West” values of integrity, ownership, and excellence. Focusing on commercial real estate and entertainment concept realization, we offer comprehensive capital solutions, meticulous project management, and specialized leasing and brokerage services. This holistic approach ensures strategic positioning and maximized returns, delivering lasting value to our clients and partners.

Family Office

Monfort Companies is committed to improving the long-term economic strength of Colorado. From investing in innovative local companies to growing entertainment districts that benefit our communities, our family office invests capital thoughtfully and always with the same end goal: support the growth and success of our Colorado economy.

Featured Projects

From building world-class entertainment districts to powering sustainable agriculture, our projects tell our story.